Monday, May 16, 2011

The next few weeks..

I have a lot to do these next few weeks.  This weekend is that last cupcake weekend for the school year for my Church.  I have planned 'A fairy tale farewell.'  I'll make the Jelly Bean castle, Crowns, Prince and Princesses, and dragons.  These are very complicated cupcakes so they will take some time.

I also have to get ready for my Son's birthday party.  We are having a Little Einsteins party.  The story is that the birthday balloons got away and they need to travel around the world to find them.  I want every place that they visit to have a physical aspect.  So far I have planned a Great Wall of China balance beam, a Great Pyramid crawl through and crawl over, and a Under the Sea maze. I need a few more stations. I also want to build a tent for his bed.  Perhaps I'll use the tent as a station as well.  I also want some sort of  beam and ring swing.  These are things that I want for the kids for over the summer anyway to help keep up their strength from gymnastics.

Hmmm....perhaps a jungle swing over the Amazon river for the ring swing.  I'm having a hard time thinking of something for the bar though.  They do so much with the bar at gymnastics that I really want to make one for them.

I've just been informed that he wants a pinata as well.  I'll have to see what I come up with.  I also want to make a craft, I'm thinking of easter egg maracas. You make them with a dowel, plastic easter eggs and paper mache. I have a lot to do and make!  I best get a move on!

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