Monday, May 9, 2011


I've been horrid about posting!  I'm getting ready to start on Joseph's Little Einsteins birthday party.  I have quite a few things that I need build.  The story line is that Annie lost her balloons and we need to go find them.  So it will be an obstacle course around the world.  I have plans for a great wall of China balance beam, a Great pyramid tunnel and climb over, an under the sea maze and a balloon party. I need to think of a few more things I think to keep them busy.  The last thing was going to be the rocket bounce house, but I can't find it any where:(  I'm so mad at myself for not buying it when I saw it on clearance!  I know he is going to have a great time.  Oh and instead of a cake or cupcakes, I think I'm going to make cake pops that look like rocket.  Should be fun!

On the cupcake front I need to catch up.  I need to submit a few more to the Jelly Belly contest too.

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