Monday, September 28, 2009

So the birthday party for my little niece went very well! I ended up not doing a cake because of financial restraints and since my brother was doing a cake I felt it was okay to let that one go. I will post pictures of my niece's house as soon as I figure out where my husband hid them on the computer!

In the mean time I found some pictures of a tropical rain forest that I quickly threw together for my older niece's party about 2 years ago. I was pregnant with my little guy and we ended up taking the kids to Dave and Buster's for a majority of the party. I had wanted to do a spectacular party because it was her golden birthday. Since the scavenger hunt around the world wasn't going to happen, I decided to decorate our living room and dinning room as her favorite place which was a rain forest.

We covered as much of the furniture as we could with green plastic sheeting.

The walls, windows, and ceiling were all covered with green butcher paper as well.  We also made tissue paper flowers and used rope for vines.

We cut out leaves and made the tree out of butcher paper that I bought on-line.

We cut up some fake plants with big broad leaves that we bought from Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby.

We also hung all of my niece's monkeys and other rain forest appropriate stuffed animals around.

The girls all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the decorations very much. That is the whole reason I do it, to see all the happy smiling faces and to make those I love feel special:) The pictures really don't do it justice as is always the case!  I'll post other parties I've done as I come across the pictures. Also I'll be posting pictures and a how-to of the 100 cupcakes I'm making for Life Teen at the end of October! Happy creating!

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